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Vessel Name Vessel Type Year Built Place Built  
(Traveller) TravelerScow-Schooner (1863- )1863Detroit, Michiganview
HMS TravellerSteamer (Sidewheel) (1834-1866)1834Niagara, Ontarioview
Traveler (Traveller)Propeller (1879-1887)1879DePere, Wisconsinview
Traveler (Traveller)Steamer (Sidewheel) (1840- )1840Niagara, Ontarioview
TravellerSchooner (1817- )1817Ashtabula, Ohioview
TravellerScow-Schooner (1852- )1852Port Huron, Michiganview
TravellerSteamer (Sidewheel) (1852-1865)1852Newport, Michiganview
TravellerSloop (c.1836- )view
TravellerSteamer (Sidewheel) (1834-1866)1834Niagara, Ontarioview
TravellerSchooner (1832- )1832Toronto, Ontarioview
TravellerSchooner (c.1828- )view
Traveller (II)Steamer (Sidewheel) (1875-1895)1875Garden Island, Ontarioview
Traveller (Traveler)Schooner (1870-1897)1870Grand Haven (Rapids), Michiganview
Traveller (Traveler)Schooner (1847-1886)1847Conneaut, Ohioview
Traveller (Traveler)Sloop (1858- )1858Depere, Wisconsinview
Traveller (Traveler)Schooner (1847- )1847Milwaukee, Wisconsinview
Traveller (Traveler)Schooner (1871-1885)1871Marquette, Michiganview
Traveller (Traveler)Schooner (1814- )1814Oswego, New Yorkview